AVG Antivirus Software

Avg antivirus is the award winning widely used Internet Security Software.Avg was Found in the year of 1992 initially launched in Czech Republic,Germany and UK. In the year of 1998 this software’s global popularity took this product to USA. The idea of free antivirus worked very well for this product and it took over entire home user base, That’s when Microsoft announced “AVG Antivirus will be available with windows vista”.More than 200 million users all across the globe. Avg free service helped company to make hold in the market that’s how people came to know about Avg product line. Avg antivirus is available for all devices including Tab,Ipad and smartphones.

AVG Antivirus for PC

This product available for pc and for all windows based devices ever since Microsoft announced this software installation with windows vista. Based on more secure and encrypted security system.

AVG Antivirus for Mac 

This software is also available for Mac along with windows. Even this application is available in free version for mac with some limited functionality.

AVG Antivirus for Android  

This application is also available for Android device including smartphone,tabs.By going into Google play store this mobile internet security can be downloaded for free.

Free AVG Antivirus Download 

Avg Free antivirus is one of the most used antivirus with some amazing feature.It,s AI based interface gives user a real time updates and experience.This version of the software comes with Malware,Ransomware protection feature.Full scan can help user to scan entire device in depth and makes users computers firewall stronger than ever before. This application gives user a secure and fast environment to work with freedom.Nothing can be downloaded without this softwares permission a secure getaway to work.

AVG Internet Security 

Well free antivirus is great,But it gets better when you add AVG unlimited internet security into your computer.Powerful protection against Malwares,Spywares,Trojans real time scan give users freedom to scan USB and DVD drive Security before you connected or install and external software or device.

Features : 

Enhance Antivirus

This feature allow user to Scan entire computer in just click form the core.This antivirus is so advance and Artificial Intelligence based, Don,t require much of user interaction.This amazing application can clean and protect your computer at the same time by scheduling automatic scan when your are not working.

Artificial Intelligence Detection

This feature makes this software one of the unique in its own kind.Ai feature detects and capture lots of Malware and Spyware automatically.

Potentially unwanted applications Scanner

This feature also called “PUA”.Application fall under PUA are those unwanted applications bundle which gets downloaded along with your downloads.This application prevent PUA applications to be download.

New Threat Capture feature

This feature is very proactive effort by the AVG antivirus research lab.Whenever this application comes across and new Malware,Spyware for any security  related issue.Instantly this application sends report to research lab so that they can send update for new threat for all the users.

Software Analyzer

Software analyzer is an inbuilt feature which help user to keep track of all applications installed on device.If any suspicious activity happens or any application create conflicts in your computer gets you a an alert notification.

Web  and Email Protection  

Users can Browse over the internet and send emails in more secured manner.Each and every website or information you search gets filter through AVG online scanner.Same way whenever you send or receive any attachment via email that also gets scan by this application.

Email Protection Shield

Fake mailer detection which allow user to more protection and security against fake mail scams.Allow user to scan each an every email attachment for security.

Online link scanner

Linkscanner is the best online browsing guide to detect which site is reliable or which is not.

This plugin does scan for each and every download link and file at the time of download.

Wifi and Hotspot shield

This is a protection feature against hackers. Hackers use hotspot and wifi to get into anyone,s computer.This shield gives you protection from hackers.

Toolbar Removal tool

This tool removes unwanted toolbar ,which could be harmful for your computer and information.

Protection against Hackers

Hacker protection functionality gives you complete control over your device and gives you liberty to acquire information about who’s is coming in and who’s going out.The most enhance firewall is the guarantee and security against any suspicious activity

Ransomware Protection

More secure and personalized features allow users to keep their documents,file,photos safe and secure.This feature enables user to set limitations about application when and which application can save or delete any thing.

Avg Data Protection 

Data protection is a safeguard for users data.Sometimes we share our devices with other or your friends,family or anyone could use your computer by enabling data protection your can hide your personal information.

 Safe guard for Online Banking

Avg promises you total protection and deliver as well.

By having this antivirus you can shop freely,pay bills,access your bank information in secured manner.

Secure Dns feature allow user about the trust flow of the website and online payment security system.